"My Mission and Goal is to assist you and your soul to reconnect with God, The True Source. This helps you become aware that you are the solution to changing the chaos on this planet while manifesting your souls' spiritual missions and goals."


 Love is an extension of life, and life is an extension of love. The two are indistinguishable. Without love there is no life, without life there is no love. You must first learn to love yourself for what lies within you is the beauty of life. The two are intertwined and you must learn to nurture that seed of love within you. This can be compared to planting a seed into the ground. First, you must prepare the ground like you must prepare yourself to accept it. Then you fertilize it with caring, acceptance, and watering it with faith. As the seed of love begins to grow in your heart, you come to the realization it is life within you. Now the seed continues to grow into a stem and eventually becomes a flower. You begin to realize the flower must be nurtured with acceptance, caring, knowing, and eventually birthing forth into unconditional love. As the plant blossoms and unfurls its petals, showing its beauty; you come to the understanding, like the flower, you are created out of love letting love bloom forth. Your essence is pure love. First, you must be in service to loving yourself in a kind and gentle way. Knowing that on your journey of life, as the flower grows it is nurtured by the sun, the wind, and the rain.

Love must be nurtured by faith, hope, and desire, to become an extension of love so others may feel it as well. It is not about the sacrifices you make in life; rather, the love you spread in life and in your spiritual work. Knowing full well whether it is accepted or not accepted, you are always doing right action and correct exchange with the expression of unconditional love.

The emotion of love comes from your essence, your beingness, understanding full well that you are created out of love, by love, with love, and from unconditional love. Once you have acknowledged this within yourself, then you are to share this with someone you deeply love and care for. Together, the two of you, are to spread the love throughout the universe. There is no forgiveness without love and there is no love without forgiveness. You must forgive yourself realizing that everything you have experienced is created out of love to understand what love is truly about. It is not about control, manipulation, fear, death, doubts, insecurities, or materiality; it is a fine silky texture of loving yourself, knowing full well it is necessary to embrace THE TRUE SOURCE’S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The reconnection with THE TRUE SOURCE’S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE can only exist by acknowledging this love within yourself. Love cannot be expressed with flowery words. Love is something that is felt deep within your soul and in your heart. Words express love, but the emotional energy of love is felt deep within you to remind you, that it is the glue that holds your body together in this universe. For you see, without love there is no life, without life there is no love. There is nothing but love. It is the only energy that exists in the now and forever. Love can never be extinguished, only set aside. Love commands that it be expressed in every way possible. Remember, YOU ARE LOVE, BECOME LOVE!


Dr. Michael Gross/T.S.



Soul Awakening is a series of classes designed to awaken your soul. By following a set of spiritual protocols, you will reconnect with God, the True Source, to fulfill your missions and goals and destiny.


In working with Dr. Michael Gross, you will discover energies, karma, and past lives, as well as those created in this lifetime. Through a series of various energetic techniques these negative energies will be eliminated thus allowing you to recreate the life you so desire. This process encompasses: past life regression, multidimensional healing, the releasing of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional blocks and cords. This work involves working with your conscious self, subconscious, intrauterine emotional blocks and soul at a very deep energetic and vibrational level.


This is a series of workshops designed for self-empowerment. The workshops include Cellular Release, the 12 Manifestation Protocols, and Intuitive Counseling.

Dr. Michael Gross treats: the inner intelligence of your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, life-force, soul, auric fields, cellular structure, body timing, chakras, polarities, vibrations, frequencies, and DNA of your multidimensional bodies in order to affect a complete healing.


This is an exciting journey going back to the first time you incarnated and left the bosom of God, the True Source. You will discover and remember the excitement you had in your first incarnation experiencing all the aspects of that lifetime. Please bear in mind, it probably wasn’t Mother Earth, and your physical being was not humanoid. Nevertheless, this was your first important step to experience what you created at that time. You will find this journey very empowering. Caution, it is important to remember my favorite phrase, “No expectations! No attachments!” which will allow you to remember this experience to the fullest.


DNA Activation is a process of setting in motion the DNA throughout your cellular body. This will accomplish the raising of your vibrations in order to prepare you for unlimited enlightenment. This will also achieve healing of your body, mind, soul, and spirit. The result will enable you to have your made in heaven miracle life. At this time scientists believe we are only using 1.5% of our DNA, while the other 98.5% remains inert. The Great Awakening of your soul begins with DNA Activation.


This workshop was created by Dr. Michael Gross over his years of coaching and counseling his clients. He discovered every emotion from the moment we go through the birth canal to our current age, is stored in every cell and organ in your body. If you look at your body you will see how your emotions have affected your body physically, mentally and emotionally. This workshop will empower you to release all the negative energy and blocks stored throughout your body and organs. Once you have released these blocks you now will rejuvenate your body and achieve an opportunistic, unlimited life.

My new Book is out now

The Spiritual Primer, Hardcover Book

Readers of The Spiritual Primer will experience an enlightenment like no other. In these pages, you will learn how to:

  • Reconnect with God, the True Source
  • Understand reincarnation and work out your karmic debt
  • Live by Twelve Transformational Laws
  • Free yourself from the blocks in your life
  • Manifest all the good you desire
  • Heal your body, mind, and soul
  • Attract your made-in-heaven miracle mate
  • Create prosperity and abundance

Whether you want to understand more about guardian angels, learn how to access the Universal Band of Knowledge, or simply become a happier and more purposeful person, you will find that The Spiritual Primer offers everything your heart desires.

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