Dr. Michael is available for many ceremonies of spiritual and cultural significance. Here are a few typical ceremonies:


Renewal of Wedding Vows

A very popular ceremony that Dr. Michael performs, is a renewal of your wedding vows. Dr. Michael Gross adds his special flair to make your wedding renewal just as special as the original ceremony.

Coming of Age Blessings

Dr. Michael Gross adds a message of maturing spirituality to your “Coming-of- Age” ceremony. This special blessing will allow them to have clarity, and to understand what it means, to be a young adult.

New Born Blessings

Dr. Michael performs a special ceremony to welcome the new child and their family. This ceremony unites the family into harmony, balance, and love.

Home Blessings

Dr. Michael Gross performs a special ceremony to clear your home of all negative energies and replace that energy with unconditional love. The result is a home filled with joy, happiness, and wholeness.


Dr. Michael performs compassionate funeral ceremonies that celebrate the transition of life, as the soul travels with love to the bosom of God the True Source. This service encompasses a special blessing and compassionate healing for the family members and friends of the departed soul.