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Keynote Speaking

Dr. Michael Gross is available to speak in front of your next group.
Here are some suggested speaking topics that Dr. Michael can speak on for you:

  • The Spiritual Primer
  • The 12 Manifestation Protocols
  • Creating Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance Through Spiritual Principles
  • Living with Gratitude
  • Healing the Past & Living in the Present
  • Creating Your Authentic Future
  • Discovering What Makes Your Heart Sing
  • What you think, you create and what you create, you experience
  • What the mind can conceive, the body will believe

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This series of classes is designed to awaken your soul from its long slumber by using the “The 12 Basic Protocols.” These protocols are immutable and are known by your soul to begin your journey of enlightenment.

These classes are offered live on zoom, in person, and remote on conference call.


These classes encompass the basic understanding and re-connection of spirituality with God, the True Source. The principles learned from these classes apply to your spiritual life, family life, work life and relationship life. These principles are immutable and are proven to be successful when applied as taught.

These classes are offered live on zoom, in person, and remote on conference call.


This is the continuation of Soul Awakening 101. These classes are designed to work with your soul and to introduce you to your guides, master guides, guardian angels, and the beginning of your soul guidance.

These classes are offered live on zoom, in person, and remote on conference call.


This series is built upon “Soul Awakening 101 and 102”. Students are now prepared to go into other dimensions and worlds. The classes encompass DNA Awakening, Chakra and Polarity Alignment, and more.

These classes are offered live on zoom, in person, and remote on conference call.


This workshop was created by Dr. Michael Gross over his years of coaching and counseling his clients. He discovered every emotion from the moment we go through the birth canal to our current age, is stored in every cell and organ in your body. If you look at your body you will see how your emotions have affected your body physically, mentally and emotionally. This workshop will empower you to release all the negative energy and blocks stored throughout your body and organs. Once you have released these blocks you now will rejuvenate your body and achieve an opportunistic, unlimited life.


“THE 12 MANIFESTATION PROTOCOLS” is a workshop designed to remove all mental, emotional, and belief systems in order to create your dream. You will learn how to permanently release these blocks so that you are now free to manifest your desires unlimitedly. This workshop is comprised of 12 sessions.

This workshop is presented live on zoom, in person, and on conference calls.


Dr. Michael Gross has been a multidimensional healer for over 35 years. He encompasses different techniques to help you heal physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. He has discovered that all ailments in our bodies start with some kind of deep emotional trauma. This causes an energetic imbalance to your body which in turn creates some type of block or illness. Once this is mutually discovered the body begins to heal and you can once again live a normal life.


This is an opportunity to work personally with Dr. Michael Gross. You will be able to address all your blocks, fears, and any type of healing that is necessary for your personal growth and enlightenment. This is achieved on a weekly basis and allows you the opportunity to contact Dr. Michael Gross anytime you deem necessary. Working one on one advances your healing, enlightenment and enhances your ability to achieve your soul’s missions and goals.


Dr. Michael Gross has been a practicing intuitive for over 35 years. Through his guidance of God, the True Source, and your soul, he is able to assist you in following a certain direction in your life that you are desiring and the advice you are seeking. This information will provide you with the guidance you are looking for in order to find the answers and direction you need.