Everyone on this planet, under the eyes of God, the True Source, is equal. No matter what your race, ethnic background, sex, we are all the same. No religion nor belief system is better or greater than the other, for the messages are mostly the same and that being we are created out of love, by love, from love, and with love. There have been many great Avatars, Prophets, and Spiritual leaders who have brought this message to each one of you in different ways. Yet only a small percentage of the inhabitants upon this planet have taken these messages to heart. Fear is anger repressed and anger is fear expressed. The acronym for false evidence appearing real is “fear.’ It appears as if almost everyone on this planet is living in fear and wants to be right and only their opinion is correct. However, if we are to look upon what is going on in this planet at this time in a completely neutral observation, one would see how biased and skewed the opinions of others are and perhaps our own.
Throughout the history of this planet there have been many wars, conflagrations, tyrants and leaders who have created both adversity and destruction. At this time, on this planet, there appears to be so much anger, so much adversity by the souls upon this planet that very few can hear the message. If we were to look at one another without our skin we would not know what our ethnic background is, or whether we are male or female. This is the way God, the True Source sees us, that being we all equal and all equally loved without reservation. What you create you have to live with and what you live with decides your destiny. What is our destiny as a human race on this planet and what is your personal destiny? When we make positive changes in ourselves first, we create positive changes throughout this planet. Think of yourself as a radio station that you are broadcasting your thoughts and emotions to everyone around you. As you feel them, your soul embraces it and become one with it. What message are you broadcasting? We are coming to a very crucial time where each one of us has to decide.
It is not a question of being wrong or right; it’s a question of deciding whether you want to be in anger, frustration and hate the rest of your days on this planet and help propagate that energy or bring vehemently forth the energy of unconditional love, allowingness, and nonjudgmentalness. For you see, wherever you stand on these thoughts that I have just expressed will determine the direction of your personal life and the lives of the inhabitants on this planet. We are coming to a precipice on this planet where each one of us must personally make that choice not based on anger, frustration, prejudice, hate, judgmentalness, fear, and anxiety, but rather “The Law of Right Action and Correct Exchange.” For whatever you think about yourself you will become and eventually create in your life which will affect your children, your loved ones, your family, your friends and relatives and all, all the inhabitants upon this planet.
“Right Action” commands and demands you to do what is right, equitable and loving with the thought that you desire to be treated the same way. The second part is “The Law of Correct Exchange”, which is similar to “paying it forward”. By your actions you are creating a huge karmic experience that can place you in a position that could be untenable or a position that turns this planet back to be what it originally was intended for, that being a proverbial “Garden of Eden.” Choose wisely! Succinctly put, what comes around goes around. Therefore, I ask each one of you for the rest of your days of your life to remember the life you are living is what you are expressing and thinking. For you see, that is “The Law of Attraction”, what you think and what you believe you will create. I ask each one of you to go deep within yourself to ask for God, the True Source’s guidance to express unconditional love, nonjudgmentalness, with right action and correct exchange. Remember, “YOU ARE THE SOLUTION!”
May this holiday season remind you of your true essence that you are a beautiful, loving, pure aspect of God, the True Source and always unconditionally loved by God, the True Source.

Dr. Michael Gross/T.S.


Happy holidays everyone as I too have great unconditional LOVE for each one of you, Michael.


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