In your journey called life, I would like to share the following wisdom with you:
Each disappointment is but a challenge to grow and learn.
You learn not only from your successes but also from your failures. Learn well!
When you feel you have missed an opportunity and the door seems to close, another door of opportunity always opens.
Never live in the past for it serves no purpose except to place you in a prison of anger and block the unlimited future.
Never hold onto anger as in time it will affect your physical body and your mental health.
Always remember to forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made and forgive others for their mistakes. The purpose of doing this is to free yourself of anxiety and emotional pain so that you can always move forward.
Always strive to be a student to learn and never think you know everything.
Become mindful and listen before you speak so that your words and thoughts are of great wisdom.
There are only two energies on this planet; Love and anything that is not of love. Become Love!
Remember, you are unlimited and only limited by your fears, thoughts, insecurities and doubts. Become unlimited!
Fear is an illusion created by the unknown.
Knowledge is power.
Wisdom is strength.
Three quotes I received in meditations I would like to share with you.
“What the mind can conceive, the body will believe.”
The second quote is:
“The past is but an experience.”
“The present is but a moment.”
“The future is but a thought.”
The third quote is:
I am you. You are me. We are one!
Please think about those quotes as I believe you will obtain much wisdom from them.
I leave you with this thought a dear friend and student of mine, Howard Gosse received from Spirit which he shared with me:
“There is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, there is only the now and forever.”

Dr. Michael Gross/T.S.


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